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Brent Colvin


Over 25 years of professional roofing experience.

Founder of Ready Roofer.


We sat down on 2/12/2020 with an expert or two from Ready Roofer to find out what sets them apart from others in the Roofing Industry.

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, Foundation Runner Web Development Services sat down with the owners of Ready Roofer, husband and wife duo Brent and Shae, for a little lunch, and a quick interview. What follows is that exchange.

But first, make sure to demand Shae’s pesto tortellini recipe and don’t be(too) afraid to have Brent whip you up a grilled cheese and carefully poured bowl of cereal, if you ever meet them.You’ll be happy you did.

Mark from Foundation Runner/Interviewer: How did you get into roofing?

Shae: When I met Brent! He was kind enough to lure me out of the confined, cubicle laden world of corporate America, and into the freedom of feet on the street sales. Yay for small businesses!

Brent: Back in the day. And by that, I mean 25 years ago. I just needed a job when I was going to college, and that’s what called to me. I’ve never thought about another career, I knew roofing was for me almost right away.

Interviewer: What extra care, or attention to detail, can homeowners expect from Ready Roofers, that they would not receive elsewhere?

Shae: They can expect life-long partners. One of our top priorities at Ready Roofers is mistake-free business. This is an ideal we strive for, but of course, mix-ups do happen. We are happy, we feel it is absolutely necessary, to perfect the service we provided, and respond in the quickest manner possible, fast enough to keep the smile on our customer’s face. Even if the flaw is found months later, just let us know, and we’ll be over to fix it. We offer a 5-year labor warranty, but there’s been plenty of times where we’ve honored that warranty well over 6 years later. It’s all about the customer, we want them happy, and on a first-name basis.

Brent: Ready Roofer is going to do the little things that can really make a difference. We’re going to make sure there’s no oil spots left in the drive-way from our trucks, and that we only park in these spots when you don’t need to travel, so you’re not blocked in. We’re going to run a magnet over the yard to pick up any loose nails and the like. Most good roofing companies will do these things, but where they might fail, and what is really important, is warranty issues. We are very attentive to such concerns, and are able to immediately assist you, even if it’s been months, or years, since we worked on your home. We perform vent checks after every job is complete, to ensure there is no carbon monoxide danger. We’ll go all out on these, and use a camera to snake through your vents, guaranteeing that everything is in order, all the way down to your attic.

Interviewer: What is your favorite shingle, color or overall, and why?

Brent: Overall I like a dark roof on a house. My favorite shingle color is probably black. I think dark colors usually give a house more depth, curb appeal, and overall a richer look.

Interviewer: Are there any areas of roofing, or interacting with customers, that are your favorite, in this business?

Shae: The best part of this industry is the customers. The roofing aspect is very cyclical, always the same, extremely repetitive. The only thing that makes this job unique are the people you meet on a daily-basis. So you have to love people, if you’re going to get into this business.

Interviewer: What is the best, or most memorable, experience you’ve had with a customer?

Brent: Um… I don’t know if it’s the best, but the most memorable experience I’ve had was with a customer very early on. She came out of her home screaming at me because I was putting nails through her open soffit. That is not something you should do. I learned that that day, and have been teaching that to my roofers since I started my own business. I became friends with the homeowner, and have done repairs on her roof three times in the last 25 years, but that relationship was a little rocky at first.

Interviewer: What is your roofing callsign?

Shae: What?

Interviewer: Your roofing code name.

Shae: … … [*Makes ambulance noises*] I respond to that. Also any spotlights in the night-sky that are in the shape of a roof.

Brent: Done Yesterday.

Interviewer: Have you found any inherent challenges to running a family-owned and operated business?

Shae: Definitely. I think the biggest challenge is creating a boundary between home and work, which is very difficult. Brent and I sometimes have to consciously say to one another “work is done now” let’s just eat dinner or watch a movie – anything other than Ready Roofer.

Interviewer: What is the fastest Ready Roofer has responded to a roofing request?

Brent: As soon as I’ve hung up the phone. That’s pretty common around here, in fact. We’ve gotten pretty good at logistics, and will hire the extra personnel we need in the storm season. Even when we’re extremely busy, it’s pretty rare we’re not able to send someone immediately to your house.

Interviewer: Who was your favorite roofer growing up?

Shae: The Rolling Roofers. Great band, also had practical skills. Legend has it, Mick “No Jagged Edges on this Roof” Shingles wrote all their biggest hits while on customers’ roofs. Including “Gimme Shelter (From The Elements)”, and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Unless What You Want Is A World-Class Roof”.

Interviewer: Huh, ya don’t say.

Shae: Yup.

Brent: Love those beats. Like a hammer hitting a nail securing a shingle… Beautiful. [*Small, impromptu band starts, with hammers, table slapping, and the occasional holler*]

Brent: I would say my dad, and he’s never even roofed a house before. Also, Alistair Sherbunckle… That man was a hall-of-famer when it came to dormers, wow-ee.

Interviewer: What are your favorite aspects of operating a family-owned roofing company?

Shae: My favorite part, after a few years of learning the hard way, is gleaning Brent’s strengths and experience that I never got to see as an individual contributor in my past careers. My other favorite element is that members of each of our families are part of the business in one way or another, and being able to interact with them on a daily or weekly basis makes it feel like a home.

Interviewer: What are the most extreme conditions Ready Roofer has roofed under?

Brent: Once we got a call where a wind storm had taken off an entire roof, earlier that day. The trusses were open, and we were trying to get a tarp over the home, just so the house would be temporarily liveable. It was getting pretty dark, and honestly a little scary. Definitely felt a bit dangerous up there. We got the roof covered though, and eventually replaced. Will never forget that one.

Interviewer: What is the best age to start teaching your children roofing?

Shae: In the womb, when they are like a sponge, the opposite of our water-proof roofs.

Brent: I’d say 4 or 5, they’re playing with toy hammers then anyways. On a serious note, I would just teach them trust, integrity, and hard-work. You’re going to need all of that and then some, when running a roofing business, or just roofing in general.

Interviewer: Is it true that you love your dog, and the daily walks you take, and that you named her Shingles?

Brent: [*Hearty laughter, followed by head shakes*] That’s just a local rumor, started way back when. Small-town Kansas, you know? My dog’s name was actually Thunder, named in honor of the storm roofing season, so you’re close. Or maybe I just found her right before a huge thunderstorm, who’s to say. Anyways, we roofed thousands of houses together, before she passed, so her middle name might as well be Shingles.

Interviewer: I know running your own business can be a lot of work, is there anything that makes the hard days more manageable?

Shae: The old adage of “work hard, play hard” comes to mind. We work tirelessly during the busy season so hopefully the payoff in our down time is to spend time with our kids and family. Our goal is to build a business that maybe the kids would want to be a part of someday, and that business makes a positive impact in others’ lives. We all need roofs!

Interviewer: Who taught you what you know about roofing and running a business, and what influence have they had in your life?

Shae: Brent Colvin taught me everything I know about roofing, and since he did such a great job, I decided to marry him.

Interviewer: Man must be the best roofer out there.

Shae: I’ve never met a better one!

Brent: Shucks. That would definitely be my mom. She’s had a huge influence on my life, and is the hardest worker I know. Her middle name is Sue, so if I ever call someone Sue, that means I respect them, and their work-ethic.

Mike Ibarra

Mike Ibarra

Meet your Project Manager, Mike!

Rick Thomeczek

Rick Thomeczek

Meet your Project Manager, Rick!

Residential Roofing

Here at Ready Roofer, we have employees with experience in both residential and commercial roofing. While the majority of our work is residential, since we love interacting with homeowners, Ready Roofer is fully engaged in commercial projects as well. You will receive top-notch care for one of your most important assets – your home or business roof!

Roof Repair

There’s no type of roof damage we haven’t seen at Ready Roofer. From the typical hail and wind mishaps, to the more extreme “Would you look at that” situations – SHINGLES happen! As homeowners ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to have your most valuable possession in need of repair which is why we’ll be out to inspect your roof as fast as possible and give you the attention that makes you know you matter. It’s the Ready Roofer way!

Full Roof Replacement

Whether it’s one shingle on your roof, or all of your shingles, Ready Roofer has you covered. There’s no job too large when it comes to roof repairs. We’ll give you your best roof yet. No matter the roof size, design, or expectations, Ready Roofer will make your roof the envy of the neighborhood!

Corporate Staff

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Brent Colvin

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

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Shae Vialpando

Chief Operating Officer

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Thanya Castellon

Communication Coordinator

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Reid Frohlich

Chief Strategy Officer

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Darlene VanMeter

Human Resources & Payroll Director

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Maria Garcia

Production Coordinator

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Rick VanMeter