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Your Local Roofing Contractors

Ready Roofer was established in Garden City, Kansas in 2007 by our CEO Brent Colvin. From the beginning, Brent’s passion for service and quality are what have been the driving force behind Ready Roofer. Since 2007 we have grown into several territories and operate in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Texas. Together, Ready Roofer Project Managers have nearly three decades of residential and commercial roofing experience. Whether it is your home or your business, we provide top notch care for your most important asset. Discover the Difference with Ready Roofer today.

Steven and Jesse roof installation

The Foundation of a Great Experience

Ready Roofer has built its foundation with strong core values of doing the right thing according to God’s principles; valuing the customers and workers God has trusted us with; and being great at roofing. We strongly believe this is what makes us different than other companies. Serving our customers is our passion and hiring hard-working, dependable employees who oversee every facet of your project is what allows us to stand out in the crowd.

Ready Roofer Believes in Building Strong Communities

Ready Roofer prides itself in hiring local Project Managers who are active and thriving in their communities and surrounding areas. We understand the importance and trust required to hire a company to protect the roof over your head. Our Project Managers are trustworthy, honest, and knowledgeable with the expertise to help guide you through the process. Ready Roofer is licensed, bonded, and insured in six states. From free inspection, to help with insurance claims, to ensuring the yard is free of debris, discover why Ready Roofer is the best fit for you.

Corporate Team

Brent Colvin

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Reid Frohlich

President of Sales

Noelle Perez

Director of Marketing

Darlene Vanmeter

HR and Payroll Director

Maria Garcia

Production Manager

Thanya Castellon

Communication Coordinator

Jesse Archer

Lead Roof Technician

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