What to Expect the Day of the Job

What to Expect the Day of the Job

1. Actually work begins the day before, you will receive a call telling you when the roof will be installed and arrangements on where to drop the material will be made so you have access to your garage, etc.

2. THERE WILL BE NOISE. Unfortunately removing shingles and/or decking is not silent. There will be noise in removing the roofing material which may take half a day. Also expect some vibration inside so be sure to place fragile or breakable items where they would not be vibrated off a shelf or wall.

3. Most roofing installations take one to two days. If there is any chance of rain there may be a delay in roofing.

4. While all precautions will be made to protect your property and landscaping during the process with tarps, etc. we will walk the perimeter of the property during a thorough inspection to make sure you are satisfied with the work and cleanup of all material, nails etc. If you are satisfied final payment is made at this time.

5. Sometimes money is held by either an insurance company (depreciation) or a mortgage company so a lien waiver and certificate of completion will be required. Don’t worry; we will walk you through this somewhat confusing process.

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