The Insurance Claims Process

The Insurance Claims Process:

1. Property Inspection. A thorough inspection of the property is done to verify legitimate damage caused by hail, wind or storms.

2. Filing the Claim. We walk you through two simple steps on exactly how to file your claim.

3. Meet Adjuster on the Property. Since we’ve already inspected the property ourselves, we stand willing and ready to meet the insurance adjuster on the property to review all the damage. We serve as your representative to ensure that all damage is identified and included in the claim. Should you choose to do so, you are welcome to handle your claim by yourself… However most property owners soon realize they do not have the time or experience to do this efficiently and effectively. Ask yourself, would you go to court without a lawyer?

Attention Missouri Customers!! Senate Bill 101 now applies to you! Under the act, contractors who perform roof or other residential exterior work are prohibited from offering to pay, in any monetary form, a homeowner’s insurance deductible as an incentive to encourage the homeowner to hire the contractor. Please click here for more details.

4. Communication with the Insurance Company. Throughout the entire claims process, we stay in constant communication with your insurance company. We submit all of the documents to the Insurance Company for you, and handle all of the communication from requesting a claim number to submitting the final certified invoice. All of this service, is provided to you for FREE!!

5. Perform the Repairs. We will obtain all necessary permits, schedule all material and labor in performing the repairs to the property that you have agreed for us to do according to the approved insurance estimate.

6. Completion of Repairs. Upon completion we will meet with you to confirm that the completed project meets your satisfaction as well as all local codes and insurance requirements.

7. Submit certified invoice. During the course of the work, we may find and discuss some hidden site conditions, such as rotten decking. When we find or run across these situations, we will submit an itemized supplement with documentation to the insurance company for you, so you will be paid for any and all extra costs that are covered by your policy. If work will not be covered by insurance we will get written notice from you before any work continues. After the completion of all the repairs and you are 100% satisfied, we will submit a certified invoice to the insurance company in order for you to receive your full settlement.

Note: No settlement may be made without your permission.

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