What You Should Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Ask the Right Questions

We know, choosing a contractor can be tough! But we want to help you make it easy by asking all the right questions right off the bat. So below is a list of things you should either ask a potential roofing contractor, ask your insurance company, or find out on your own before making a decision.

  • What type of coverage do I have on my home?
  • When does my claim officially begin with my insurance company?
  • What is a proof of loss statement and what does it mean?
  • What exactly does Schedule A, Schedule C, and other schedule itemizations mean?
  • What is the policy limit?
  • What is the difference between a partial loss payout and total loss payout?
  • What roles does my mortgage company play during this process?
  • Why am I being denied coverage for code upgrades?
  • What are short term and long term issues associate with weather damages?
  • After a major storm my house was vandalized, what should I do?
  • Is damage to my fence, pool or landscape covered under my policy?
  • How when and why would I apply for a supplement in coverage?
  • I was approached by a public adjuster. Who are they, what is their purpose, and do I need to hire one immediately?
  • My insurance company has provided me with an estimate that I do not agree with. What should I do?
  • Am I required to use the contractor who assisted my insurance company with the estimate? They are often known as” preferred” contractors.
  • In the time of need and desperation I signed a contract with a contractor. Do I have any recourse to cancel?
  • What is the purpose and process of the Appraisal Provision?
  • Does using a preferred Service Provider or Preferred Network Contractor selected by my insurance company create a conflict of interest?
  • What policy will cover my car or motorcycle which were damaged during the hail storm or tornado?
  • What are differences between structural damage and content damage? Which policy coverage which damages?
  • Why did they only pay for half of my roof?
  • What does aging of my roof have to do with depreciation value of my home?
  • Why did our adjuster ask the age of my fence or roof?
  • What are “test square” requirements for a roof to be completely damaged?
  • Is my insurance company responsible for matching the color of roof tile or siding in my house?
  • What is the difference between lifetime shingles and composition shingles? How about 50 year shingles?
  • What roofs quality for an insurance discount with my insurance company?
  • If I have wood shake shingles, does my insurance pay for decking?

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